Tang Wei Lam

Tang Wei Lam - FullMr. Tang Wei Lam has had over thirty (30) years of experience in property development. Over the years, he managed to develop and maintain close relationship with the suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, bankers, equity investors, property investors and etc.

Besides of his vast relationship, he is also expertise in architectural planning and design. Most of the completed project’s architectural planning and design are from his idea based on his experience in housing development field. Mr. Tang has an eagle eye in financial economics. He never fails in budgeting and calculating the cost and expenses of getting a project completed. Since the market property cost has been increasing for the past years, Mr. Tang always keep his eyes on the market cost and selling price so that¬† the citizen could afford a comfy home. The project from Mr. Tang never disappoint the citizen and buyers as the price set were affordable and reasonable.

The facilities such as parking lot & space is very important to a project as it will directly or indirectly affect the resident, road user and the business of a company. Mr. Tang never stops collecting opinions from the people besides him. With the suggestion from people around him, he will take up the most reliable opinion and discuss it with the partners during meeting to get the best solution for peoples convenience.

Thus far, on matters pertaining to property developer, Mr. Tang had took charge of the following projects in the capacity of both director and shareholders:

ProjectLocalityName of CompanyYearCapacity
Housing DevelopmentTaman Desarena, Kuala KedahDagansar Sdn. Bhd.1987125 units
Housing DevelopmentTaman Tunku Yaacob, Alor SetarLandag Sdn. Bhd.1989517 units
Housing DevelopmentTaman Mergong Jaya I, Alor SetarLandag Sdn. Bhd.1990198 units
Housing DevelopmentTaman Mergong Jaya II, Alor SetarLandag Sdn. Bhd.1991520 units
Housing DevelopmentTaman Setar, Alor SetarKim Thye Properties Sdn. Bhd.200015 units
Housing DevelopmentTaman Flora, Kuala Sungai, KedahHern Ree Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.2004353 units
Housing DevelopmentTaman Suria, Alor SetarM.S. Seven Sdn. Bhd.200923 units
Housing DevelopmentTaman Rakyat Fasa VI, Phase I, Alor SetarHern Ree Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.201281 units
Note: Mr. Tang had divested all his interest in Dagansar Sdn. Bhd. and Landag Sdn. Bhd. many years back. He has no more interest in the other three (3) companies either directly or indirectly.